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Mr. Neumann
Class schedule:
Zero: Practicum in Agricultural Sciences
First: Vet Med Applications
Fourth: Livestock Production (Fall)
Fifth: Vet Med Applications
Sixth: Advanced Animal Science
Seventh: Equine Science (Fall)

Grading Schedule:
55% Majors -- Major Exams, Advanced Lab Reports, Special Projects, Etc.
NOTE: Testing Day for CTE-AG is FRIDAY
Retest Attempts will be handled on a case by case basis for a maximum score of 70.  Additional tutoring is required to retest and must be done within a week of the grade being posted on Gradespeed.

45% Daily -- Quizzes, Homework, Minor Lab Reports, Daily Assignments
It is the students responsibility to make up work that is missed due to absences.

Contact Information:
Conferences available  with a scheduled date/time Second or Third period, at lunch, or before/after school.

Class Requirement:
Something to write with
Something to write on
Someplace to keep it

Class information:


15-16 Swine Stall Assignments Scott Neumann 10/29/2015 13 KB



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