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Ms. Brossman-Collier
2018-2019 Class schedule:
First: AFNR
Second: AFNR
Third: Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management
Fourth: Livestock Production
Fifth: Conference
Sixth: Practicum in AFNR
Seventh: Practicum in AFNR

Required Course Supplies:
Also you MUST have something to write with, write on and a good attitude! You MUST be willing to learn, work hard & study. 

Grading Schedule:
55% Majors -- Major Exams, Advanced Lab Reports, Special Projects, Etc.
NOTE: Testing Day for CTE-AG is Friday's however, if it is the end of a grading period usually students will be given a test on a Thursday in order to allow for retakes before grades must be verified.
Retest Attempts will be handled on a case by case basis for a maximum score of 70.  Additional tutoring is required to retest and must be done within a week of the grade being posted on Gradespeed.

45% Daily -- Quizzes, Homework, Minor Lab Reports, Daily Assignments
It is the students responsibility to make up work that is missed due to absences.

Bellaire Retake Policy:  
The purpose and intent of this policy is to provide each student with an additional opportunity to show mastery of content. The opportunity for a student to retake a major grade applies to a score less than 70 out of 100. 

The following will apply-
1. All students in AP/IB, Pre-AP, College Prep, and Academic classes in all content areas will have the opportunity to retake one major grade per grading cycle in each class. Retake opportunities are not available in Dual Credit classes.
2. The student must submit the completed retake request form to his or her  teacher within one week of the grade being posted on Gradespeed. In turn, the teacher will inform the student whether or not he or she is eligible for the retake, per PLC policy. The teacher will notify the student of the time and location of the retake. 
3. The retake must be of similar length and subject matter as the original test. 
4. A PLC or department may decide to schedule all retakes at a specific time (before or after school or at lunch) and in a single location. 
5. The student is expected to complete one or more of the following prior to the retake as determined by consistent PLC policy: (1) attend at least one tutorial, (2) have submitted any missing work for that grading cycle, (3) and/or completed test corrections.
6. If a student is caught cheating on a major grade, then he or she may not request a retake for that major grade. Per the HISD Code of Conduct, plagiarism is considered cheating. 
7. The maximum grade received for a retake will be a 70. For example, if a student fails a major grade with a 55 and earns a 62 on the retake, then his or her final grade on the assignment/test will be a 62. If the student retakes and makes an 82, then their final grade on the assignment/test will be a 70. If a student scores lower on the retake, then the original grade will stand. 
8. All semester final exams are ineligible for a retake. 

Absences: It is the students responsibility to make up work that is missed due to absences whether the absence is extra-curricular related or non extra-curricular related. 

Tutoring/Extra Help: Students can usually come in any day during lunch "Cardinal Hour" for extra help or to make up a missed quiz, test, etc. However, students MUST get with me first and discuss what day they are wanting to come in versus just simply showing up. There are days that we have staff meetings, dept. meetings, FFA officer meetings or I'm out with students competing and will not be available. So please come talk to me so we can plan a day and time that's best!  

Contact Information:

**Conferences available with a prior scheduled date/time during my 5th period conference time. Other times may be available such as during lunch or before school with prior communication and arrangements made between student/teacher or parent/teacher.**


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