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Facts For Auction


Facts For Auction

Parents, your child has been working hard raising his/her animal project and time is drawing near to the grand finale – the Livestock Show and Auction. There are approximately fifty Bellaire FFA students raising animals or exhibiting visual arts projects at this year show. 

Having enough Buyers for all animals is critically important to a successful show!

With student participation growing, your help is needed more than ever to ensure we “fill the buyer’s seats”. You can make the difference by:

1. Recruiting business buyers
Ø Contact existing FFA Supporters (FFA Catalog)
Ø Talk to your employer and/or your business about becoming a buyer for your 
                child’s animal. 
  Ø Contact businesses you patronize
2. Become a buyer yourself
Ø See sale information in FFA Brochure or contact sales committee member.
3. Joining an existing buyers group 
Ø See
4. Starting a new buyer group 
Ø Talk to a sales committee member

Buyers Rewards Include:
1. Increased visibility within the FFA community
2. Potential tax deduction
3. Networking with other business partners
4. Role in development of future leaders
5. It’s fun and a good thing to do!

Encourage your child to visit potential buyers and introduce him or herself. Most Buyers love to hear from students and enjoy learning about their animal projects. The FFA Chapter also have Buyer Brochures are available to give as handouts to potential buyers. The Buyer Brochure is a great informational tool to use when soliciting new buyers.

Buyers: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Bellaire Agriculture Department at or


More information is available at



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