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FFA Jacket Order Information

Students & Parents/Guardians:

It’s that time of year to order your son’s/daughter’s official FFA jacket as well as their tie or scarf! It can be a very exciting yet sometimes agitating experience the first time around, so here is some very useful information to help get you through it!

Before you order your FFA jacket, we highly advise that you visit:

FFA Jacket Ordering Tips & Measuring Videos and take some time to watch the short 1 min. video
As you click through the steps, each short clip will take you through the process of properly measuring and recording your information needed to properly order. Beside the video on the right-hand side, there is a helpful interactive chart that you can use to put your son’s/daughter’s measurements in which can allow you to better choose whether the student needs to order a standard size jacket ($55) or needs a tailored jacket ($80).

Above the video and chart section on the upper right-hand side of the webpage, you can click on some helpful resource links that will allow you to read and print off jacket order FAQ’s, guidelines for males/females, etc. that are quite handy. After all measurements are taken and FFA jacket guidelines read, it is time to order your FFA jacket!!

To order your FFA jacket you can either order it as a "Guest" or as a "Member." 

The following steps will take you through ordering the jacket and tie or scarf through the "Guest" portal. Please remember, FFA jackets are non-refundable and are typically worn for multiple years. Ordering a jacket a little big is usually what most people desire to order so it can be worn longer. However, this is completely up to you.

  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll down and choose either: male or female
  3. Next, click on the jacket link
  4. Then, choose either the non-tailored or tailored version
  5. Choose the size you need and then click the button to personalize your jacket
  6. Chapter Name: TX0066
  7. Advisor Name: Vanessa Collier
  8. Front Line 1: (insert student's name)
  9. Back State Line 1: Texas
  10. Back Chapter Name Line 2: Bellaire
  11. Then add to cart
  12. Next, click on the "Men or Women" link above the picture of the jacket
  13. Now, open up the "tie" or "scarf" link
  14. Add the "tie" or "scarf" of your choice 
  15. Go to the top of the page and click on the cart at the top right
  16. Check the items in your cart and then click on the "Proceed with Checkout" link on the right
  17. Choose the "Guest Checkout" button
  18. Type in all of your shipping information and click on the "Proceed with Checkout" button

In order for you to order it as a "Member" you must first sign up for an online account. You can do so by clicking on the very top tool bar that says: “Dashboard” and click on “Student Members.”

The following steps will take you through ordering the jacket through the "Member" portal.

  1. Next, click on the “Manage Profile” blue button link on the left under where it says Quick Access.
  2. Then, click on the “Log in or Sign up” blue button link which is found under where it says Welcome.
  3. Next, click on the "Sign up" blue button in the box on the right if you've never signed up for an online account. (if you have then sign in on the left with your username and password)
  4. While signing up for your online account, make sure and fill in the following information. The student’s first name, last name, email, state and chapter number “TX0066” and click Bellaire FFA when it appears if it does not fill it in for you.
  5. Now, leave the FFA invite code and FFA ID blank and click “Next” at the bottom.
  6. It should send you to the next page where your first and last name is filled in. You will be asked to fill in your birthday, make a user name for yourself and a password with at least 7 letters and numbers before you’re able to click “Next” on the bottom.
  7. On the following page, choose “ShopFFA online” link on the left.
  8. It will ask you more information such as: mailing address, phone number, etc. to finish setting up your online account before you may continue.
  9. Once ALL personal information is filled out that they need to register you an online account, you’re FINALLY able to shop and purchase your FFA jacket!
  10. Next, click on official dress and choose either the men’s or women’s FFA jacket
  11. Just remember, FFA jackets are non-refundable and are typically worn for multiple years. Ordering a jacket a little big is usually what most people desire to order so it can be worn longer. However, this is completely up to you.
  12. When finished ordering your jacket, don’t forget to also order your FFA tie (boys) or FFA scarf (girls) that must be worn with your official FFA jacket.

Have fun shopping and make sure and give yourself plenty of time in advance for your jacket order to get processed and shipped. If you’re planning on participating in Fall LDE’s or our school show, please allow 3-4 wks for regular sized jackets and 6 wks for custom sizes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help! 




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