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Chapter Officer Information

Chapter officers serve a vital function in FFA. By taking a major leadership role, these students grow from the experience and benefit the chapter. It should be the officers’ goal to lead by example and encourage other members to participate in chapter activities.

The following are general duties expected of all officers:
• A genuine desire to be part of a leadership team.
• A willingness to accept responsibility and lead by example.
• A sincere desire to work with all chapter members in meeting leadership, personal and chapter goals.
• A commitment to serve our chapter and display the actions set forth by the National FFA's motto. 
• Knowledge and understanding of the chapter, district, area, state and National FFA constitutions, bylaws and POA's.
• A working knowledge and understanding of parliamentary procedure.
• The ability to memorize official FFA ceremonies and speak in front of large crowds.

Listed below are the specific duties and responsibilities that generally relate directly to each office specified in the Official FFA Manual. However, the 2017-2018 school year was the first year Bellaire FFA incorporated the system of President, 1st Vice President and 4 additional Vice Presidents. We believe this helps spread out the roles for all officers and allows for the team to work more evenly together. Our President and 1st Vice President will take on the role and responsibility as stated below and each additional Vice President will take on the remaining 4 officer duties as a team. 

• Preside over meetings according to accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.
• Appoint committees and serve on them as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
• Coordinate the activities of the chapter and evaluate the progress of each division of the POA.
• Represent the chapter in public relations and official functions.

1st Vice President
• Assume all duties of the president if necessary.
• Develop the POA and serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the POA committees.
• Coordinate all committee work.
• Work closely with the president and advisor to assess progress toward meeting chapter goals.

Additional Vice Presidents
• Prepare and post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
• Prepare and present the minutes of each chapter meeting.
• Place all committee reports in the secretary’s file.
• Be responsible for chapter correspondence.
• Maintain member attendance and activity records and issue membership cards.
• Have on hand for each meeting: - The secretary’s file of chapter operations - Copy of the POA, including all standing and special committees - Official FFA Manual and the Official FFA Student Handbook - Copy of the chapter constitution and bylaws
• Help with receiving and recording FFA funds and receipts.
• Present monthly treasurer reports at chapter meetings.
• Collect dues and special assessments.
• Maintain neat and accurate treasury records.
• Help the advisors prepare the membership roster/dues to National FFA through the state association office along with the secretary.
• Serve as chairperson of the finance committee.
• Serve as chair of the POA public relations committee.
• Plan public information programs with local radio, television, newspaper and service clubs to tell the FFA story.
• Release news and information to local and regional news media.
• Publish a chapter newsletter or website.
• Prepare and maintain a chapter scrapbook.
• Send local stories to area, district and state reporters and to any school publications.
• Send articles and photographs to FFA New Horizons and other national and regional publications and websites.
• Work with local media on radio and television appearances and FFA news.
• Serve as the chapter photographer.
• Assist the president in maintaining order.
• Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.
• Welcome guests and visitors.
• Keep the meeting room comfortable.
• Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies.
• Assist with special features and refreshments.
• Help supervise chapter activities year-round while working with the adult advisors/teachers.
• Inform prospective students and parents about FFA.
• Help instruct students in leadership and personal development.
• Build school and community support for the program.
• Encourage involvement of all chapter members in activities.
• Help get students involved in career development events and leadership programs.



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